Businesses are usually set up with a profit motive. However, in the case of Orient Processors, it is a different story altogether. It is a heart-warming story of a yarn spinning, processing and dyeing unit that was born out of a desire to make the task of weaving fabrics easier. The founder, Shri Pabitra Buragohain, a first generation entrepreneur and the son of a school teacher, used to watch his mother and other weavers from the village struggle with low quality yarn during weaving. Where others would have been content to get into a job right after his MBA, Shri Buragohain decided to pursue his childhood dream of manufacturing yarns that would make the life easier for weavers who faced a lot of difficulties in using poor quality yarn. Thus Orient Processors was born. The tale of how a company built initially as a dyeing unit for acrylic yarn turned into a full-fledged composite yarn manufacturing unit utilizing the latest equipment and superior technologies is a saga that weavers will sing about around campfires.

The company changed the way women weave and also the way people perceive the North Eastern region. It is a noticeable fact that at present fabric manufacturers and designers create fabrics with the stamp of North East in their weaves. Orient has many firsts but the greatest happiness is derived from the fact that the handloom industry will receive a boost and Orient yarns will power the popularity and growth of ethnic fabrics.

From Guwahati, the place of its inception, our fame has reached out to all four corners across North East and India. Orient is the only unit in the North East India to manufacture knotless, uniformly twisted and fast-coloured cotton dyed yarn. What Mahatma Gandhi once observed about the weaving art of Assam- “Weavers in Assam can weave dreams in their fabrics”. Our yarns will bring that paradigm shift whereby the coming years will see hand-made fabrics from this region become high in demand, especially by fashion designers who have developed a fondness for tribal and folk designs of the North East. The feather in our cap is the ‘National Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurship’ conferred to us by the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises of the Government of India for the year 2006, 2007 and again in 2014.

The company started operations in 2001 and today, our plant in Guwahati has 1350 Metric Tonne (M.T.) annual capacity. Looking at the increasing demand from North East, Bhutan and Bangladesh, we expanded our operations by setting up a new unit Orient Processors Pvt. Ltd. Unit-II (Textile Division) in the year 2010 adjacent to the existing unit. We plan to further expand by adding a forward integration for putting up a new composite unit in the name of Orient Texfab Pvt. Ltd. to produce fabric as well as knitted garments.

Just as we grew from a small scale industry to a medium scale industry, our success has encouraged and inspired us over the years to expand vertically and horizontally, generate more employment and help in the overall growth and prosperity of the region.