We at Orient Processors understand that the latest and the best technologies is absolutely vital for our line of business. We today can boast of having the best-in-class equipment imported from Italy, Hong Kong and USA . We use environment friendly technology to control pollution, reduce wastage while delivering better quality products to the markets in the North East.

For the post spinning section, we imported machineries from Itema Spinning Ltd., manufacturer of the Savio Brand and Mesdan Aquasplicer, both from Italy. The Schlafhorst Assembly Winding Machine has been imported from Germany and the machinery for Package Dyeing and Processing Section from Fong’s National Dyeing and Finishing Machineries, Hong Kong, China and Loris Bilini & Uglini from Italy. The Husk Fired Boiler was bought from Thermax Ltd, the Radio Frequency Dryer from Monga Stryfield, and Hydro Extractor from Stafi International.

Testing Laboratory

In addition to the normal yarn parameter testing and colour fastness testing equipment in our testing laboratory, we are also equipped with HTHP sample Dyeing machine imported from Italy. The latest model of Spectro Photometer (DATA COLOUR 600) imported from USA helps us to get proper recipe and maintain lot to lot variation within norms as specified by Delta E Check. 

The noteworthy technologies that differentiate us include:-

  • Assembly Winding characterized by meticulous control over length in each case to yield uniform weights and yarn that is devoid of hairiness, split ends, ribboning and patterning that creates defects for the next process.
  • Two for one twister (TFO) technology produces yarn that is free of knots giving higher productivity with lower manpower requirements. It is also environment-friendly with less noise and dust levels.
  • Soft package winding prepares and maintains yarn in a density that is suitable for package dyeing process.
  • High temperature, high pressure package dyeing adopted by us is better than cabinet dyeing since it utilizes a low liquor ratio of 1:4. It reduces the use of dyes and chemicals which results in uniform dyeing while producing fast colour.
  • RF drying prevents dye migration and pigmentation. The colours do not fade or appear as uneven patches on drying, assuring better quality. Yarn strength and yarn lustre are also well maintained.
  • Reeling converts dyed package yarn to hank yarn, making it suitable for handloom weavers.
  • Cone winding is a precision equipment that ensures the cones prepared from package dyed yarn are uniform in weight.